Final Fantasy Collectible Card Game Final Fantasy Xiii Cust Starter Set 6pc Ds

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Presenting the second release in the Custom Starter Set series, which includes one 50-card deck, along with 50 customization cards for players to experience the fun of customizing their own deck! By simply replacing the Fire or Lightning element cards within the Starter deck (24 Fire, 24 Lightning, 2 Light element cards), with the 24 Ice element cards included in the customization cards, you can easily transform the deck into a "Fire/Ice" deck or an "Ice/Lightning" deck. Also, there are 26 freely interchangeable cards, allowing players to create an original custom deck of their own. Among the 100 cards included in the deck and customization cards, there are 30 total new Starter cards (3 cards each of 10 different cards). For the Starter card Lightning, one of the cards will be a Full Art Premium Foil card. Also, one of the reprinted cards will be a Full Art Standard (non-Foil) card!