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Next Batman Second Son Hardcover

Next Batman Second Son Hardcover

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Discover the origin of the new Dark Knight, Tim Jace Fox! The estranged son of billionaire Lucius Fox returns to Gotham City and takes on the mantle of Batman after being away for years. Where has the eldest son of one of Gotham s premier families been for these missing years, and how did he become Gotham s new protector? The prodigal Fox returns home following the tragic events of The Joker War and Lucius Fox taking full control of the massive Wayne fortune. While his mother and sisters greet Jace, his younger brother, Luke, secretly the armored vigilante known as Batwing, does not welcome his sibling back with open arms. Is the city big enough for two Fox brothers? Find out how Jace evolved from man of mystery to Gotham s newest guardian.

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