That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Trinity In Tempest Volume 03

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The new spinoff manga to the hit fantasy isekai series, developed by original
creator Fuse! Against the odds, the little slime Rimiru has established his
magical kingdom for all monsters, called Tempest, and it's thriving. But three
visitors, Phos the fox girl, Stella the dragon girl, and Nemu the winged girl,
come to pay Tempest a visit, they're stunned at just how quickly it's
developed. Don't miss this new story in the world of Slime, just as the second
season of the anime arrives!
With a concept and story by Fuse, the creator of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a
Slime, Trinity in Tempest is the grand tour of Rimiru's world that fans have always
wanted. Through the eyes of three cute little monsters, one from the fox clan, one
from the dragon clan, and one from the winged clan, readers will meet the residents
of the utopia in Jura Forest, and get a peek at how they live their lives. The little
group's leader, Phos, is a fox girl from the Beast Kingdom of Eurazania. But this isn't